Megan & Marc // Allview Escape, Blackheath

Bride sitting on Groom's lap floral headpiece

Bride sitting on Groom's lap floral headpiece

Megan and Marc were married at the AH-MAZING! Allview Escape in Blackheath in the NSW Blue Mountains. Their story was so sweet, I thought I’d share an excerpt from the ceremony here…

This love story began over 10 years ago when Megan and Marc were both studying teaching at university. Marc claims he used to sit behind Megan and make ‘amazing jokes’. Megan admits it was Marc’s sense of humour that first caught her attention, so I guess those jokes were pretty funny after all.

After six months of friendship spent hanging out together, calling and texting all the time, Marc finally built up the courage to ask Megan out. But despite Marc’s obvious hilarity, Megan refused him… as nicely as she could.

But Marc did not give up! He continued to impress Megan with his ‘amazing jokes’ and soon enough, Megan was regretting her decision to reject Marc’s advances.

As teenage girls tend to do, Megan asked one of her friends to approach Marc and see if he would ask her out again. Playing Mr Cool, Marc casually responded saying he had already asked once, so it was Megan’s turn.

So this time it was Megan who had to build up the courage and finally asked Marc out via text message. Unfortunately ‘Mr Cool’ had no credit at the time and had to use his Mum’s phone to text back his response. Their first date was a movie – the classic romance I Robot!

Megan and Marc make each other laugh. They are each other’s best friend.

Apart from being the funniest person she has ever met, it was Marc’s happy nature and kind heart, his love of life and sense of adventure that led Megan fall in love.

For Marc, it was the ease he felt around Megan – the banter they shared, the games they played together – and her unending generosity, that had him head over heels.

Over the years Megan and Marc have come to know each other well, yet they also appreciate there is a lifetime of learning and growing ahead of them.

They have a lot in common, both being teachers and sharing a love of travel. However that’s about where the similarities end…

Megan is quick. Marc is slow.

Megan is messy. Marc is neat.

Megan likes to break the rules and takes risks. Marc is considered and always tries do the right thing.

Marc is patient. Megan is not.

Megan likes going to restaurants. Marc likes eating in.

Megan likes reading. Marc likes sport.

Megan is reactive. Marc is measured.

Megan is Yin and Marc is Yang.

Not two opposing forces, but instead perfectly balanced and complementary to the other. They each have much to offer and much to learn, from the other.

For example…

Megan has taught Marc the importance of communication, the joy of a crisp salad and how to find accommodation that best meets your needs!

Marc has taught Megan patience and she often finds herself thinking how Marc would handle a certain situation and tries to emulate his calm and considered nature. Marc also taught Megan how to drive – a job that proved his patience and persistence beyond measure!

It was during their time living and working in London that they each knew they had found ‘the one’. After all their experiences working and travelling together – dealing with plane strikes, angry Russians, misleading hotel bookings, persistent Moroccans and the their time in the humid yet glorious Papua New Guinea – they knew they could take on the world together and were excited about the future.

For Megan and Marc, marriage is an easy and natural progression of the good times and adventures they have already shared together and they hope to one day share their fun and happy life with a family of their own.

Megan and Marc Blue Mountains Wedding Andrea Calodolce Ceremonies

Celebrant Andrea Calodolce

Megan and Marc Blue Mountains Wedding Andrea Calodolce Ceremonies

Megan and Marc Blue Mountains Wedding Andrea Calodolce Ceremonies



Photos by Willow & Co who were an absolute pleasure to work with.

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