Jude’s Naming Day

Baby with his parents and godparents at his naming ceremony
Baby with his parents and godparents at his naming ceremony
Jude with his mum and dad and his newly pledged Guardians.

On a sunny Sunday morning I had the pleasure of being part of the Naming Ceremony for six month old baby Jude. His parents Valerie and Wes were after something really personal and involving the whole family.

Valerie read the beautiful Celtic Blessing and after pledging their love and support, his nominated ‘Guardians’ each read a letter to Jude, as did his Grandparents. They all put so much thought into their messages and I’m sure those letters will be treasured by Jude and his family for years to come.

Jude’s Grandparents also gave him a young fig tree which Wes and Jude’s big brother Dorian planted at the end of the ceremony as The Beatles’ Hey Jude played (which was part of the inspiration for Jude’s name).

What did Jude do while all this was happening? He slept peacefully in the warmth of the sun and in the comfort of his mother’s arms. He won’t remember the day, but the letters, the fig tree and the photos taken will show him just how loved he is and how much he means to his family.



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