Bride and Groom kissing

Meg was apprehensive when her friend wanted to set her up with a guy she’d recently met at a wedding. When she did some ‘internet research’ (aka stalking), she was even more so. From his photos online, Meg thought Justin looked like Jerry Seinfeld and almost said no to the blind date. Luckily for both of them, Meg’s sisters told her not to judge a book by its cover and give him a go. So, Meg reluctantly agreed to meet Justin at a café in Bondi.

Bride groom and celebrant laughing during wedding ceremony

On the day of the date, Meg made minimal effort and didn’t even notice when Justin was walking straight toward her as she waited outside the café (she was looking for Jerry Seinfeld!). So when Justin introduced himself, Meg was pleasantly surprised and simultaneously cursing herself for not making more of an effort!

She needn’t have worried. Their date went well and their connection was undeniable.

Intimate wedding ceremony at Chiswick Gardens Woollahra

Justin and Meg were married in an intimate and elegant morning ceremony at Chiswick Gardens in Woollahra, with a lunch reception at Chiswick Restaurant to follow.

There was no grand entrance and no bridal party – just Justin and Meg, their closest family and friends and their two beloved cocker spaniels!

Private dining room at Chiswick restaurant styled for a wedding

In Justin’s vows, his last promise was “to continue to sing old love songs to you, out of tune, and at slightly inappropriate times”. So it was only fitting to include an old love song as part of their ceremony. And to add some extra adorable, they got their six nieces and nephews involved. None of them were even born when Billy Joel’s Just The Way You Are was a hit, but they  happily took turns reading the lyrics out, making the most perfect and most memorable wedding reading for Justin and Meg’s ceremony.

Now, try not to sing along…

Just the way you are Billy Joel song lyrics as wedding reading

Venue: Chiswick Restaurant & Gardens
Flowers: Summers Floral, Woollahra

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