Bride and groom with wedding party infront of old country house

Bride and groom with wedding party infront of old country house

Kate and Dale met many times before they got together. They had mutual friends and would often find themselves at the same get togethers. However, despite being introduced many times, Kate could never remember Dale’s name. Was it Dan? Dane?

That was until one day they were both at an afternoon of barefoot bowls with friends. Dale was dropped off by his Mum, Maxine and his Nan, Joan. Maxine was teasing him about the fact that he was 26 and she was still driving him places! Joan said not to listen to her and then said to Dale that he might meet the love of his life that day… and he did.

Kate and Dale really hit it off this time and Kate knew that she was not going to forget Dale’s name ever again.

Bride and groom ring exchange

Years before she met Dale, Kate had told her Grandmother that it would mean the world to her, if when the time came, she could have her engagement ring. Several years later, when Kate’s Nan Betty secretly gave Dale the ring to propose to Kate, Dale knew that he had Kate’s family’s, blessing. He also took the not-so-subtle hint to propose sooner rather than later, which he (eventually) did.

Groom wiping a tear away at wedding

Kate and Dale’s ceremony was elegant, relaxed and full of emotion. The were married at the top of a hill in front of an abandoned old farmhouse, among the roses and hibiscus bushes. Dale was not afraid to show his emotion as he saw his Bride arrive… and in the vows… and when I told their story. What a SNAG!

Bride with grandmother signing marriage certificate

To acknowledge the special roles their Nan’s played in their love-story, Kate and Dale invited Betty and Joan to be their witnesses. You could not wipe the smiles of pride off their faces as they embraced Kate and Dale and performed their official duties. What a wonderful experience for Betty and Joan and an amazing memory for Kate and Dale.

After the ceremony Mr & Mrs Cutter led their guests down the hill to the barn, where everyone enjoyed tacos, paella and ice-cream from the Mr Whippy van while dancing the night away!

Bride getting ice cream from mr whippy truck

Photos by the talented and lovely Joni from Chasing Arrows

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