Summer / Naming Ceremony / 26.4.14

Summer's Naming Ceremony

Summer's Naming Ceremony

It was a very pleasant surprise when I received a Facebook message from an old high school friend asking if I was available to perform his daughter’s Naming Ceremony.

Summer was soon to turn two and Bernadette and Lloyd wished to have an official naming ceremony at their home as part of her birthday party. The family had recently moved back to Sydney from Wollongong, and Summer was really starting to develop strong bonds with her extended family in Sydney, so it seemed like the perfect time.

We discussed their ideas which included nominating ‘Godparents’. Bernadette and Lloyd chose Summer’s Uncle and Aunty for this role and they officially pledged their love and support for Summer with specially chosen promises.

Bernadette and Lloyd also made their own promises to Summer. The sentiment of these was lovely. They acknowledged their commitment to each other and promised to be the best parents they could be.

As part of the ceremony, I told the story of how Summer’s name was chosen and the meaning behind it, her Grandmother read a poem that she had written especially for the occasion and after the ceremony all Summer’s cousins and friends made a canvas full of their handprints to display in her bedroom.

Naming Ceremonies do not have to be a big production, but it is lovely to publicly declare your dedication to your child and acknowledge the role friends and family will play in their upbringing. Combining a short ceremony as part of a birthday party is a great way to keep things simple and special at the same time.

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