Why I’m A ‘Less Stuff More Meaning’ Eco-Ethical Wedding Ambassador

Bride and Groom embrace on clifftop

I’m big on values and am always banging on to my couples about using their core values and beliefs to inform and influence their decisions when it comes to wedding planning. So it makes sense that I take the same approach when it comes to my business.

So what are my values?

I value connection, community, curiosity, kindness, authenticity, family and believe we should all take more responsibility for how we move through this world, but in an environmental sense and with our relationships and the small everyday interactions we have with people.

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When it comes to weddings, the ceremony in particular I’m all for less fuss, more feels, more meaning and more memories. I encourage my couples to question all traditions to see if they actually reflect their values, and if not, to ditch, switch or remix those traditions so that they do. Yes, a wedding is a big party, but a marriage is so much more than that and should be based on a foundation of true connection and marked in a meaningful way (the ceremony).

So when I discovered Less Stuff More Meaning, Australia and New Zealand’s hub for Eco-Ethical Weddings I knew I had to be part of it. LSMM is an amazing resource for couples who want to plan a wedding grounded in love for people, the planet and each other. The website is a treasure trove of information and advice and also features an eco-ethical vendor directory of which I am part.

They are also the creators of the Mindfully Wed E-Guide, an e-book to help you be a conscious consumer in the wedding world. This guide will help you define and stick to your vision, provides advice on everything from sourcing a socially conscious rings to how to reduce wedding waste and everything in between.


  • 203 pages of empowering, relatable reads and conversation starters by our collective of eco-ethical wedding experts
  • Step by step guide from engagement to wedding and beyond
  • Learn what to look out for, and what questions to ask your suppliers when making eco-ethical choices
  • Simple how-to tips that can be applied to any style or size of wedding
  • Learn how to weave an extra layer of meaning into your wedding day
  • We share our own experiences and things we wish we knew
  • Stunning imagery focused on connection over fashion
  • Guys and girls perspectives on the big day
  • How to plan within a budget
  • How to remain grounded in your values, and most importantly nurturing your relationship throughout the process
  • Reduce wedding planning stress by remaining centered on progress not perfection

It’s just $27.99 and you can get it right here…

Photo by Lina Hayes