Holly & Jon Wedding // Clark Park, Lavender Bay

Holly and Jon’s marriage ceremony was a family affair, with their children Billy and Susie playing a key (and very cute) part.

When I first met Holly and Jon, they already had Billy and Holly was pregnant with Susie. I was also pregnant with a little girl at the time and a little boy at home too, so we had lots to talk about… as well as their upcoming wedding.

After Susie and my daughter were born (just weeks apart) we met up again to continue plans for their ceremony.

When we started chatting, Holly and Jon told me the story of how they met, which is one of the best I’ve heard. I recounted the story in their ceremony and thought I’d share some of it here…

In February 2008, Holly was invited by a friend to be her ‘Random Guest’ at ‘Random Dinner Club’, of which Jon was already a part of, having attended a few times already.

Now, before we go any further, I think I should explain ‘Random Dinner Club’…

The first rule of Random Dinner Club is that once you’ve attended once, you have to invite someone that no one else knows the next time.

The second rule of Random Dinner Club is that everyone must rotate and shuffle around the table throughout the night so that everyone gets a chance to meet and chat to the new guests.

Holly had had a stressful week and really wasn’t in the mood for meeting new people and almost didn’t go. But boy is she glad she changed her mind and went along anyway!

At the end of the night, on their last shuffle around the table, she found herself sitting across from Jon. They chatted at the restaurant, and then at the bar after that. By the end of the night they both knew they were on to something special and by the end of the weekend, it was clear that this was going to be more than just a fling.

Jon immediately ‘friended’ Holly on Facebook and the rest is history!

I highly recommend including your own children in your marriage ceremony (if that’s the order you’ve done things in). They add so much joy! Watching Billy and Susie dance to ‘Happy’ after their parents tied the knot is one of the sweetest moments I’ve ever experienced as a celebrant. And what a wonderful memory for the family.

Holly and Jon wedding ceremony Lavender Bay North Sydney Andrea Calodolce Celebrant
How to get a one year old to keep still while waiting for her mum (the Bride) to arrive – bribery!
Holly and Jon wedding ceremony Lavender Bay North Sydney Andrea Calodolce Celebrant
Holly walked in with Billy and met Jon and Susie at the beginning of the aisle so they could all walk in together.



Photos: Rajo Photography