Hana & Cam’s Storybook Wedding Reading / Fernbank Farm, NSW Central Coast

Cam reading vows

Cam reading vows

Hana and Cam met at Uni. They were next door neighbours that fell in love. When I met them we bonded over a shared love of Survivor (the TV show) and the song Hey Ya! (which they had their musician play an acoustic version of at the end of their ceremony – so good!).

Their ceremony took place at the magical Fernbank Farm on the NSW Central Coast and included many personal touches; my favourite being Hana’s brother Huy’s reading.

I always encourage couples to think of who they would like to include in their ceremony and then find a meaningful way to include them, rather than thinking they have to include a certain element (like a reading) and then struggle to find someone to do it (what’s the point in that right?).

Hana and Cam decided they would like their siblings, that weren’t in the bridal party (Cam’s sister Tracey and Hana’s brother Huy), to each do a reading. Tracey read the sweet and humorous poem Marriage and Huy read the famous children’s story The Owl and the Pussycat.

The Owl and the Pussycat was one of Hana’s favourite stories as a child, and as it is a poem about falling in love, getting married and sailing away together, it was a perfect fit for their ceremony. Huy even read it from their original childhood book. It doesn’t get more special than that!

Huy reading from storybook
Photo: James Bennett Photography

Hana & Cam’s Fernbank Farm Wedding Video from I Heart Productions on Vimeo.

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