Gloria & Henry’s Surprise Vows // Eryldene Historic House & Garden


Gloria and Henry are the first couple that have been successful in persuading to do surprise vows. I love the idea of surprise vows. It makes an already very special part of your ceremony even more special by sharing a truly authentic moment, both with each other, and also with your guests. And that’s what a wedding ceremony is all about right?

However, most couples find the idea too daunting. They worry that their vows won’t be as good as their partners or that they’ll become too emotional and cry. Not Gloria and Henry. They loved the idea and not even I knew what they’d written until I heard them speak their vows to each other on the day.

“We were extremely pleased that you suggested the concept of ‘surprise vows’ (so surprising that my colleagues were shocked at such an idea). This was a very fun and enjoyable part of the ceremony that we both loved and adored.” – Henry

And yes, there were tears… and lots of tissues. But it was totally worth it!

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