Annette Wilson – Photographer

Annette Wilson_web

Meet my latest creative crush (yes, that’s a thing!). This girl is seriously talented. And she’s only 20 years old!

Annette Wilson is quiet and unassuming. No bossy photographer getting in everyone’s way or keeping you from celebrating with your guests. In fact, you’ll hardly notice she’s there. But when you see what she’s captured while you’ve been busy enjoying your day, you’ll be VERY pleasantly surprised.

“My approach to wedding photography is journalistic- with fewer posed shots and more story-telling. I prefer to accurately document the day as it happens and the vibe felt throughout it. People are most beautiful in their natural state, and I feel the most important thing from me, or any photographer, is to create an honest record.”

I have worked with Annette both as subject and client, and can attest that she is perfectly professional, puts you instantly at ease and is an all-round utter delight.

Check out her blog, where she posts her professional work as well as her personal musings and pics from her everyday life.

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