Legals Only Marriage Ceremony

Marriage Certificate

Like to get married without having a “wedding”?

This is a great alternative to getting married at the registry office. Just me, the two of you and two witnesses. These ceremonies take place over a table – whether that be my desk, your dining table or at a local bar or cafe. And it all takes around 5-10 minutes.


  • Lodgement of your Notice of Intended Marriage with me (you complete and have witnessed, then send to me no later than one month prior to your ceremony)
  • Unlimited contact to discuss your ceremony via phone and email
  • Legals only ceremony (the minimum legal wording required)
  • My home or local location/venue*
  • Celebrant of your choice (me!)
  • Completion of all legals (ceremony + certificate)

Weekdays (business hours)
Weekends (am only)
from $550

  • Travel outside of a 10km roundtrip from my home in Kingsgrove will incur a travel fee.

If that sounds good to you, drop me a line and let’s have a chat to see if I’m ‘the one’ for you.

Photo: Samantha Heather