My Story

Your big day isn’t about me – it’s about you! But I get why you’d like to know a little about the person whose job it is to officiate things on such an important day.

I hadn’t realised it at the time, but since getting married, and being part of the weddings of family and friends, I had become interested in the idea of ceremony. I was so inspired by the different ways each couple expressed their sentiments – how the setting, music, words and rituals they chose always reflected their personalities.

It was at my sister’s wedding rehearsal that I had my light-bulb moment. As the celebrant told us where to stand, answered our questions and generally tried to harness the excitement of the group of family and friends smiling and laughing around her, I decided this was something I wanted to do.

Being a celebrant gives me the opportunity, and honour, of participating in some of the most joyous and special days in people’s lives. I love meeting new people and working with them to create magical moments  they will remember forever.

While I’m not being a celebrant you will find me in downward dog, lost in a book, spending time (usually eating) with family and (usually laughing) with friends.

Photo: Annette Wilson